Long red dress and a gold or tapestry long belt tied at the waist.  Simple and elegant.  Wear a blonde long hair wig if .............. you wish ;)

West Lee

All black!  No need for the mask... but sure go ahead and rock those leather pants. :)



Look like a medieval princess.  

The Captain

You are Captain of the Brute Squad.  Look Tough, look mean, in a Medieval way.

Indigo Latoya

Wear a blue Medieval dress with a sword belt.  You are not a woman to be messed with... you are a master swords-woman.

Enrico Latoya

You are a master swordsman... and everyone knows it's easier to fight when wearing a tan shirt, brown vest, tan pants and boots.  Throw on the dark bushy wig and stache for good measure.

Valerie Jax

Very old and unkept woman.  Gray hair, wrinkles and age spots galore!  Wild gray hair, Raggedy clothing.  Look like an old witch trying not to look like an old witch.

Miracle Jax

You are a scruffy old man with wild gray hair, lots of wrinkles and age spots.   Dress in raggedy old clothes.

Butterfly is a free-spirit who is at-one with nature.  She loves to express herself by embracing her name and wearing butterfly wings with her medieval dress. 



you ARE the brute squad... large in every way.  Even your hair is "big."  Wear boots, striped pants tuck in the boots, a tan shirt with a belt, and you're ready to kick some bad-guy bootie.

Count Lugen

Nobody really knows what you do, you just have a lot of money.  And 6 fingers on one hand.  Dress the noble part in a fancy medieval outfit, longer hair, fancy rings.

Countess Lugen

Nobility at its finest.  At least she thinks that's her reality.  She wants to be queen, so she tries to dress the part.  Practice makes perfect.

Old Lady Boo

The poorest among the peasants.  Raggedy, dirty, unkept.  Oh and she's pretty dang old.  And might have a disease or two.


With a balding head and a lisp, you are the epitome of faking it till you make it.  Puffy medieval sleeves are a must, because you think that's what successful men wear. Anything else would be inconceivable.

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