Costume Suggestions for Murder at the School of Enchantment

Murder Mystery Party


As the Director/President of a very serious organization, dress in a very serious manner. A classy black pant suit is the most serious of seriousness!


Don Weezey

Don is the director and coach of quittich. You could wear something a high school coach would wear, but be sure it's hand-me-down looking! Also, carry a broom, and sport a sweet carrot top.


Ginger Weezey-Fodder

Ginger is obsessed with anything that has to do with snakes.  And because the house of Slythersin is represented by the color green, Ginger loves to wear green!  a green wizard robe would be perfect! And of course she's a ginger! 


Larry Fodder

Look professional with perhaps a black leather jacket, or jacket with a cape.  Tie is optional...easier to chase bad guys if you're not so restricted!  carry a wand. Don't forget the round glasses!


Lunar Lovehood-Spotbottom

Lunar is a free-spirit who doesn't care what anyone thinks about her or the way she dresses.  Wear the oddest color and pattern combos you can find,  and blonde hair.

Level Spotbottom

Think nerdy with little style.  A highly patterned sweater or button down plaid shirt with a sweater vest will be sure to tell everyone that you are a serious professor.  Part your hair on the side to complete the ensemble.


Professor Trailonsee

Thick round glasses; wide headband holding back some frizzy hair; and gypsy-looking clothes.  Bam! Be sure to carry a crystal ball !!


George Smith

A baseball cap, and a sports t-shirt or sweatshirt, easy!  You are a typical American sports fan.  

Professor McGonatall

You are in your 70's... so add some wisdom wrinkles to your face! Don't forget some granny glasses.... And your hair up, a witch hat, and a wizard robe will do!



A grumpy scruffy older man, Filchny dresses in the same manner, including his stringy hair. Wear dirty, somewhat tattered neutral colors.  Be sure to carry a stuffed cat!  



Bellafix is a ghost so be sure to wear white make-up on your face.  Wear an all black victorian dress.  Long frizzy black hair and heavy eyeliner will complete the evil look of this ghost.


Roaming Nerdle

You are a ghost, so wear white make-up!  Put your hair in pig-tails, and wear glasses and a school uniform with a wizard robe.