Costume Suggestions

 The      Clockwork Coven   Murder 

Millie Saxon

Millie, a human, is the wife of the mayor of Clockwork City.  Millie always dresses in a sweet pink manner, just like her sweet personality.  There is no one else as sweet and kind as Millie! Wear any shade of pink, 19th century style!

Viktor Saxon

As the mayor of Clockwork City, and a very wealthy vampire, you dress to the nines!  You prefer the fanciest of fancy.  You have impeccable taste and you only tolerate the very best in all things.  

Percy Barrella

Percy is a human in charge of the steam engines that run through Clockwork City.  But his passion is inventing the latest and greatest gadgets to make life easier, or just more interesting.  Wear some steampunk goggles, a hat, and perhaps a few steampunk gadgets and tools.  

Cassimira Barella

Cassi is a vampire who prefers not to look like a vampire. She is typical platinum blonde steampunk, but with the added obsession of clocks! Anything and everything clocks... earrings, necklace, hat, hair adornments, belts, and anything else she or her husband creates out of clocks... she will wear it.  Mainly because she always wants to keep everyone around her "on time." Time is everything. Tic Toc.

Archibald Kaye

Archibald is a vampire Architect, the best around.  The best and the most serious vampire you'll ever meet.  It's all business with Archibald.  His fashion sense is serious too.  All black, all the time.  Wear a 19th century outfit, just make sure everything is black!

Elsie Kaye

Elsie, a human and wife of Archibald, prefers to dress just like her husband, in all black.  Town newcomers often ask her if she is in mourning.  But to her, she is making a statement she hopes says "he's mine" to all other women.  Plus she idolizes him.  Wear a 19th Century typical mourning dress.

Regal Ashfield

Regal is a vampire who believes wearing dark red or maroon helps curb his appetite for human blood.  So because he lives among humans, he must always wear red.  And he does look "regal!" 

Zakira Ashfield

Zakira is a vampire married to Regal, and is one of the only vampire couples in Clockwork City.  She is classy looking in a vampire sort of way... think Marilyn Monroe but with black hair, black lipstick, and black/gray eyeshadow.  And she loves to wear black lace.  One could say she is "morbidly fancy. " 

Edgar Cornwall

Edgar is a human who is completely obsessed with the vampire way of life.  He will even wear fake fangs just to see what it feels like to be one.  Other than that, he looks like a typical steampunk beau.  But be sure to wear white makeup on your face and look a little crazy in the head!

Harriet Cornwall

Harriet is a human married too Edgar.  They are both human but love how their spouse is "different" from everyone else.  In fact, people think Harriet the Herbalist is a witch.  She is definitely eccentric in her look.  

Bernard Singe

Bernard is a human married to a vampire, Violet, who refuses to turn him into a vampire.  He loves the idea of looking young forever, so he will have to settle for using skin moisturizers.  He tries to look like a vampire using white makeup to look pale and carries a hand mirror so he can always check to make sure he looks good.  

©2018 Created by April Parady