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Floating Candles four.jpg

Enchanted Floating Candles

First, I want to apologize for the low quality of the pictures!  These were taken back in 2009 before I had the knowledge or tools to take some good pictures!

These were pretty easy to make.  Here's what ya need:

One 8 1/2" x 11" piece of paper for each candle

Battery votive candles

White hot glue

Clear tape

Clear Fishing wire

tacks or another way to attach to ceiling

Roll up your paper, making the hole the size of the votive candle.  Tape its side.  Use white glue stick and hot glue "drippings" down the side.  Tie clear fishing wire to the "flame" of the candle so it is secure.  Glue the candle in a couple of small spots inside the paper hole down far enough so the flame sticks up.  Hang at different heights from your ceiling.  We used clear tacks so the holes were too small to see when removed. 

Floating Candles clear tape.jpg
Floating Candles glue gun glue.jpg
Floating Candles fishing wire.jpg
Floating Candles setting up.jpg
Floating Candles one.jpg
Floating Candles three.jpg
floating candles two.jpg
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