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Why did we paint the whole interior of the house WHITE????  

Yes, we've heard it all...especially this one:   "White isn't a Victorian historically correct color, you shouldn't bring any elements into the home if its not historically correct."  

There are several reasons we chose to do this.  One) This home was so dirty and grungy, it needed this drastic change in order for us to feel clean living in it; Two) I wanted to design this home in the "Modern Victorian" style (click here to see examples of the very popular Modern Victorian Style); Three) It was the least expensive option to make the home beautiful and livable in the short period of time that we had.  And now it's livable, it's fresh, it's clean.  Now all of my current and future antiques will "pop" and be seen.  We wanted to live in an old Victorian home, but that doesn't mean we have to live with surrounding dark and gloomy colors that the Victorians loved.


I'm busy working on each room and when they are finished I'll put together a house tour video.  

Some of the things I'm working on are:

-Installing picture rail molding in each room

-Adding antique art/antique frames, hung on the picture rail molding

-Adding lace window panels and a few draperies

-Curating historically correct rugs and other furniture

-Installing antique lighting

Dining Room

                 Before.                                                                             After.              

Dining Room B&A 7.jpg
Dining B&F 1.jpg
Dining Room B&A 3.jpg
Dining Room B&A 6.jpg
Dining Room B&A 4.jpg
Dining Room B&A 5.jpg
Dining Room B&A 2.jpg

Parlor/Living Room


living room b&A 1.jpg
living room b&a 3.jpg
living room b&a 2.jpg

More 'afters' of Parlor/Living Room

C34AF102-A9E7-4F84-989A-2DC9C4D3DBC1 2.j
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