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This is me!  Usually in a hat!  I'm not a huge fan of talking about myself, but I do get a lot of questions so I thought I'd just leave all the answers here!

* born and raised in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; now lives in Utah, USA

* 3 brothers, no sisters

* very much into sports... also coaches volleyball

* has 4 grown kids ages 20-27, one grand baby, and another one on the way!

* earned Interior Design degree after kids were all in school

* worked for a leading model home designer, then did residential design for that same company, then started my own staging company and did the staging for an episode of One Tree Hill, then did all of the staging for one season of Flip Men on Spike TV.

*Launching a new shop soon! > Downloadable Murder Mystery Party Games  

* currently restoring an 1893 Victorian home while also updating it to a modern living standard.>

* other hobbies: gardening, landscaping, cake decorating, learning how to bake and cook like a boss, 

* completely obsessed with British shows, especially if the show/movie setting is in the 18th or 19th century.

* also loves to watch baking shows.  over and over.

* loves to go antiquing, and touring historical homes.

* Oklahoma Sooners fan, 

* turning 50 this year 

* plays VR Beat Saber every day

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