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The "Before" Lunt House Tour, and Plans

Wow, just walking through the house talking about it made me fall in love even more with this property. As humans we sometimes fall in love with other humans who need some 'fixing up'... and we are counseled by experts to avoid that, right? Well we don't have to avoid falling in love with a house that needs some fixing up.

I apologize if you cannot hear me talking during the video... there is a loud swamp cooler running in the background while upstairs that may be drowning me out! Maybe headphones work better?

Also, I'm not by any means good at making videos...... yet. Patience is appreciated.

Oops! one more apology... I use my iPhone for everything. I don't own a video camera or any other type of camera. So the videos will be long and skinny :). No haters please ;)

This is a video of the house interior. I will make another video explaining our exterior and add-on plans.

Now as I explain our plans, keep in mind as we go through the restoration/remodel process, that our initial plans could change. A few already have changed, so check out the updates as we go along!

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