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How Your Home Decor Can Be Encouraging Messages

home decor also as encouraging messages

Plant Dreams, have courage to fly, and stick to your dreams! Sometimes we need a little motivation in our lives. I've attached some encouraging messages to a few home decor items that you can use in your life if you choose. Does anyone else do this? Do you naturally decide your cute home decor has a message to it, so that every time you see it you'll think of that message, thus always being surrounded by positive encouragement!? I LOVE doing that!

We can all attach little meanings to what we see around us. And we get to choose what goes in our homes. Here are 3 examples to help you out with positive thinking, but also make your space look gooooood! :). Or maybe they can inspire you to look at your decor you already have and assign them to create some positive vibes in your life.


Plant Dreams Chalkboard Sign

There are so many different people that would love this message around them. Plant lovers, Gardeners, Farmhouse Style lovers, Olive Green lovers, People who don't necessarily have a green thumb, People who tend to stay stagnant in life and get discouraged, People just starting out on the journey of adulthood, etc etc etc. When I look at this sign in my home, here's what I think, "yes, I am definitely planting those dreams! It's okay that I haven't reaped the benefit of the planting quite yet, good things take time." And bam! I'm back on the positive thinking track again.


Round framed watercolor birds

I have these hanging in my guest room just because they are so stinkin cute. :). But they too come with a message. A motivational you-can-do-it message. We can do anything we try to do...if we don't give up. Have courage to take the plunge, have courage to keep going, have courage to succeed. Take those risks that will help you succeed!


framed cactus wall art

The final home decor item here is a framed wood cut out of a cactus where you get to choose the pattern of the cactus that beautifully shines through the cut out. Damask or Boho print. I actually had a hard time thinking of a motivational message to go with these. So I asked myself, "what do cacti make me think?" ...... STICKY. Then I asked, "what is positive about STICKY?" haha. The only thing that came to me, besides candy, is to stick to it! Stick to your goals, stick to your dreams, stick to the hard work, or the monotony of the tasks that are taking you somewhere you want to be.

All of these items are part of the Touch of Black collection newly released by That's What I Want Decor. Each is lovingly designed and handmade. You too could add some positive messaging in your home decor! Check them and others out HERE.

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