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Incorporating the Color of the Year... Farmhouse Style

The Pantone 2018 Color of the year is ULTRA VIOLET. Those of us who love FARMHOUSE style think to ourselves, "how in the world could I use that color??"

Well most of us probably won't use that color, let alone change out any of our decor to accommodate new ultra violet items. However, if you're adventurous and like to challenge yourself to 'keep up with the times' when it comes to the annual change of a year's color, keep on reading for some ideas.

I've scoured the internet curating ideas of what I'd do... if I were adventurous. Actually, because I decorate for weddings and events, I need to keep an eye on the color of the year and incorporating it, because believe it or not, there are clients who are adventurous and request the current color of the year be used in their decorations, and it can be sooo beautiful.

And of course, if you're in the interior design world you'll notice many furniture and accessory designers coming out with purple ... I mean, Ultra Violet, pieces. And then you'll see interior designers using those pieces in the homes and offices of their adventurous clients who want the latest and greatest. Even if it only lasts for a year. So... it's a thing. To some.

But! The good news is we don't all need to purchase the purple tufted sofa or even the purple throw to participate!

My philosophy when it comes to the incorporating the color of the year in your home or office is... participate using nature. All dwellings, be it home or work, should have some nature. Might as well make it purple this year!

Or participate through the holidays.... if appropriate.... and Ultra Violet is definitely appropriate for Spring and Easter!

Easter Egg Digital Download Printable,

Get yours and frame it or make a greeting card out of it!


A few purple accessories in your farmhouse decor wouldn't hurt! These look great!

Or, if you're brave, change out some wall art!

All pictures are sourced via Pinterest, click here to see them and more Ultra Violet Ideas!


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